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Laminate Tile Flooring in Mundelein, IL

Offering laminate tile in a variety styles to give customers plenty of durable, visually appealing flooring options, Summers Carpet & Tile is here to help home and business owners in Mundelein, IL to get the good-looking flooring they want.

Resistant high traffic and available in a number of different looks, laminate tile is great a choice for those who need their flooring to withstand heavy use while being stylish and attractive. The Summers Carpet & Tile are laminate flooring experts and we can install new laminate tile flooring to improve the look of your home or business while adding to the durability and functionality of your floor.

Why Laminate Tile?

Laminate tile offers a number of advantages that make it a great choice for your floor. In addition to its resistance to high everyday traffic, the material does not scratch easily and it serves as a layer of protection for your floor in the event of of moisture. This is particularly a bonus for those whose floors will have to endure the daily goings of children or pets. The material is also resistant to noise, as its flexible surface allows for traffic across it without the production of loud, disruptive noise.

Laminate tile comes in a variety of styles and colors, ranging from the a marble look to the brown colors of wood.
If you are in need of quality laminate flooring that will last long a long time and look great in your home, call Summers Carpet & Tile at 847-566-0155 and as for a quote on tile installation by the laminate tile experts.